12 March 2021

Create alternatives for bespoke merchandise sold in museums

When visiting a museum, and especially a museum that we appreciated, we like to bring back home a souvenir. Visitors often find in their shops books, postcards or pens. When in search of a more original article, these visitors currently have a rather limited choice. To seduce them, museums must enlarge out the choice of their shop. But how to offer more original souvenirs or gifts? How to diversify offers in museums? What if you opt for high-end products ?

High-end bespoke products

Museum visitors come from different places and most importantly, they are very different from each other. To satisfy all the customers, it is necessary to have a very complete and diversified range of products. However, sometimes the offer remains limited for people who want to please themselves while keeping a unique memory of this place they have enjoyed so much. It is therefore important to offer attractive alternatives, high-end products, such as scarves for example.

alternatives produits dérivés musées

Orchid scarf from the collections of the Musee des Tissus  of Lyon.

Customize your offer with the scarf

The scarf is a popular fashion asset in France and abroad. Also, it can be interesting to sell it in souvenir shops. Thanks to the many works of art available in museums, it is possible to create a complete range of scarves and have a choice to offer visitors. They can opt for a scarf with the work of art they have preferred.

Depending on the season, you can choose from a variety of  scarf materials. It can be a mixture of cotton and silk, linen and silk or wool and silk. Of course, you can also opt for the 100% silk scarf, a noble and always attracting fabric. You can also choose the dimensions of this scarf in relation to the works to be reproduced. Squares, oblongs, large stoles. They will never  fail to seduce the French and international clientele.

Choose to trust Malfroy

Maison Malfroy has been working in the Lyon area since 1939. The company has been offering silk scarves since its beginnings. Today, its activity and especially its flexibility of production allow accompanying the museums which wish to propose different and high quality products. Indeed, upon request, Malfroy reproduces the major works of art of your museum on silk scarves or other natural materials according to your needs. Thus, visitors will leave with a work of art that they can either wear, frame or offer as a gift.

By offering visitors personalized products associated with the Malfroy brand, you pass on the French tradition and communicate on recognized luxury values. The works of art of your museums and the quality of workmanship of Maison Malfroy enhance your establishment and contribute to the satisfaction of your customers today and tomorrow