Personalize your business gifts

Our collections
reflect your image

Our creations become your collections

Be inspired by our collections of high-end scarves

We help you select from a wide range of models the one that fits your needs.

We propose to customize it by changing colors, dimensions or material

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30878.01.3 Carré en coton et soie 67 imprimé Marseille l'Artiste Emilie Ettori - Rose 2

A collection always at your disposal

We create 2 collections of scarves a year from which you can find inspiration.

In summer, opt for cotton / silk, linen / silk or 100% silk.

In winter, prefer wool and silk or 100% silk.

There will always be a model that will look like you…

30689 Écharpe Le fil d'Ariane 100% Mousseline de Soie 43x140cm Col 1 Safran Rose 0

Colors, style

The scarf as a business gift is not just a communication medium.

It is a true fashion accessory that transmits your values ​​to all your partners and collaborators.

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30875.01.2 Carré de soie 67, twill de soie imprimé Eiffel Paris de l'Artiste Emilie Ettori - Beige 2

Adapt to your needs since 1939

Our production flexibility allows us to meet most of your needs.

Our 80 years of experience in scarf are the guarantee of your satisfaction.

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création foulard
28031 D 5961 JARDIN SECRET   120 var MARRON 1

Sogo-Seibu store

The Japanese department store Sogo Seibu changes the color of a wool and silk shawl from our collection to make it an exclusive product

Museum of Freemasonry

Ties exposed at the shop of the Museum of Freemasonry in Paris

Fontainebleau castle

Personalization in the name of the Château de Fontainebleau of one of our woven stoles

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