15 February 2022

Business gift: offer a scarf to your customers and employees

Are you looking for chic and personalized gift ideas for your customers or employees? To find the ideal business gift, it must be the perfect reflection of your company’s values. It must also be able to suit everyone. Unfortunately traditional business gifts rarely meet these imperatives. These are often simple impersonal gadgets, the famous goodies that can be found in most brands regardless of their size and reputation. It’s time to stand out with an original, high-end business gift like a personalized scarf or tie.

Manufacturer and creator of silk scarves and ties for several generations, Maison Malfroy puts its expertise at your service to allow your business to make an impression with a refined image gift. More than just an advertising object, the personalized square or oblong scarf is becoming a luxury fashion accessory! What are the advantages of offering a personalized scarf or tie to its customers or employees? What values ​​convey this corporate gift? How to personalize a scarf, scarf or tie to make it a high-end advertising gift? A scarf specialist, Maison Malfroy helps you offer your business relations the ideal image gift that will make your business shine!

offrir un foulard de luxe en entreprise

The scarf, a useful and elegant accessory for your business relationships

The scarf is the chic and timeless fashion accessory ideal for giving visibility to your business! True symbol of French elegance, this image garment can be worn in any season and whatever the profile of your customers or your collaborators. It can bring a refined touch to any type of outfit, from workwear clothing to the classic chic look through the urban style. Fabric, dimensions, patterns, colors, each detail can be chosen with care to achieve a double objective:

Satisfy all your business relationships with a trendy, elegant and timeless gift that combines both feminine and masculine

Conveying your company’s values with a chic and refined gift representative of your brand

A wide range of quality fabrics

To meet all your requirements, Maison Malfroy declines this business gift in different fabrics and luxurious materials:

The silk

Known for its softness, lightness and natural shine, silk is the flagship material of Maison Malfroy. In addition to its many visual and tactile advantages, other properties make this noble material a high-end fabric synonymous with luxury in everyone’s mind. Indeed, silk also stands out for its hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory properties. The silk scarf is the fashion accessory that meets all the requirements of your business relationships. An aesthetic, comfortable and practical fabric.


It is the preferred fabric in winter! Indeed, cashmere offers warmth, softness and lightness, a perfect combination to fight against the cold. This material is also thermoregulatory: it retains heat during the cold season and protects it during the summer period.


There are many qualities of wool, such as merino wool or alpaca, whose reputation is well established. Its impermeability and robustness make it a particularly appreciated insulating material.


This 100% vegetable fabric has many advantages! Biodegradable, robust and absorbent, it provides optimal breathing for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It is the material to favor during the hot season for its ability to maintain freshness.

The cotton

It is the most widespread textile and it is not due to chance. Indeed, this plant material gives a particularly soft touch. Its absorbent and hypoallergenic properties allow the skin to breathe.

Accessoiriser le vêtement d’image

The different scarf formats

If the scarf has become an essential fashion accessory, it is also because it is available in many formats. In this way, everyone can find the one that matches their style, needs and morphology. Easy to wear, it will quickly be adopted by your customers and employees. They will be delighted to be able to complete their wardrobe with a chic and trendy accessory. Overview of the most common scarf formats:

The silk square

Depending on its size, the silk square is tied around the neck or worn on the shoulders. To get the style you want, you can fold it diagonally or fold it over itself to get a band. Tied around the neck, we leave the two sides positioned on the front for a very chic and elegant look. On the side, it will bring a trendy bohemian effect.

The oblong scarf and the stole

With their long format, they offer optimal protection. Very easy to wear, they are knotted, wrapped around the neck or worn double by connecting the two bases and then passing the two sides within the loop formed. Versatile fashion accessory, the scarf can be used in various ways depending on weather conditions, dress and comfort desired.

Men’s scarf

Once tied around the neck, the men’s scarf gives a very sophisticated dandy style. We wear a rectangular model all in length knotted in an open button shirt collar to replace the tie while remaining very well dressed. It is also possible to put the scarf around the neck and let the two sides go down along the body at the front. Men can also wear a square scarf rolled around the neck by bringing the two sides back on the front and sliding them into the collar of the shirt or coat.

The scarf, an endlessly customizable original business gift

When it comes to developing your customer portfolio or thanking your employees, fashion accessories represent a great opportunity for the brand image of a company. Indeed, the scarf as image clothing can be declined in all styles to please a large target. A specialist in silk accessories, Maison Malfroy puts all its know-how at the service of businesses to increase their notoriety with its high-end creations. Several choices of customization are available to you to meet your needs. The Malfroy scarf turns into an original business gift:

By affixing your company logo: it is a refined way to highlight your logo, whether the scarf is worn with pride by an employee or displayed by a customer following a loyalty campaign.

By recoloring an existing motif in the colors of your graphic charter: this is an opportunity to develop an innovative artistic approach to the world of a business.

And finally, by designing a unique creation around your know-how or your story.

The multiple advantages of the scarf: a business gift with optimal marketing effectiveness

De nombreuses entreprises cherchent à se démarquer en délaissant les cadeaux publicitaires traditionnels au profit de présents raffinés susceptibles. Ils permettent de mieux valoriser leur image de marque. Chez Malfroy, toute l’élégance de notre démarche consiste à travailler le produit publicitaire comme un accessoire de mode luxueux. Notre rôle est de sublimer le visuel de votre cadeau d’affaires en fabriquant des foulards et des carrés de soie qui symbolisent au mieux votre savoir-faire d’exception et vos valeurs d’excellence.

C’est le moment d’innover dans votre façon de fidéliser vos clients ou de remercier vos collaborateurs ! Le foulard personnalisé vous permet de toucher efficacement votre cible et de valoriser votre image. Carré de soie, écharpe, étole, quel que soit le format du foulard choisi, votre cadeau d’affaires sur-mesure remplit sa mission :

En faisant apparaître votre marque ou la charte graphique de cette dernière
En touchant vos relations d’affaires par une marque d’attention particulièrement appréciée
Ainsi qu’en alliant l’utile à l’agréable, un foulard pouvant être utilisé au quotidien par vos clients et vos collaborateurs
En vous permettant de miser sur l’originalité et de délaisser les traditionnels goodies trop souvent utilisés comme cadeaux d’affaires
Mais aussi en assurant une communication réussie sur le long terme


Many companies seek to stand out by abandoning traditional advertising gifts in favor of sophisticated gifts. They allow to better enhance their brand image. At Malfroy, the elegance of our approach consists in working the advertising product as a luxurious fashion accessory. Our role is to enhance the visual of your business gift by making scarves and silk scarves that best symbolize your exceptional know-how and your values ​​of excellence.

Now is the time to innovate in the way you build customer loyalty or thank your employees! The personalized scarf allows you to effectively reach your target and enhance your image. Silk scarf, scarf, stole, whatever the size of the scarf chosen, your tailor-made business gift fulfills its mission:

By showing your brand or its graphic charter. By touching your business relationships with a mark of attention that is particularly appreciated. As well as combining the useful with the pleasant, a scarf that can be used daily by your customers and your employees. By allowing you to bet on originality and abandon the traditional goodies too often used as business gifts

But also by ensuring successful long-term communication

When to offer an advertising scarf to your business relations?

La distribution de cadeaux d’image s’avère très efficace pour tisser un bon relationnel avec vos prospects, vos clients et vos partenaires. Mais pour que le geste ait un sens, il faut qu’il soit rattaché à un événement précis. Cela peut être une date clé ou une période bien définie. Vous pouvez donc offrir vos foulards publicitaires à des occasions particulières pour conférer encore davantage d’émotion et de valeur ajoutée à votre geste marketing. Tour d’horizon des occasions les plus courantes pour offrir un cadeau d’entreprise à vos clients ou à vos collaborateurs :

Distributing image gifts has proven to be very effective in building good relationships with your prospects, customers and partners. But for the gesture to have meaning, it must be linked to a specific event. It can be a key date or a well-defined period. You can therefore offer your advertising scarves on special occasions to give even more emotion and added value to your marketing gesture. Overview of the most common occasions to offer a corporate gift to your customers or your employees:


The end of the year celebrations.

This is the period that rhymes with friendliness and generosity! To associate your company with these extremely positive values, nothing like a personalized attention mark with regard to your business relationships. A scarf and scarf is a particularly useful present during the cold season. Your customers leave with a gift that they will keep with them for several weeks or even months. The opportunity for you to make an impression and gain notoriety!

Commercial events

Throughout the year, companies organize different events: Seminars, Exhibitions, Festivals, and Trade Fairs.

These are privileged occasions to offer corporate gifts to your prospects and your collaborators. For the former, it is about increasing the credibility of your brand and allowing them to remember your business the day the purchase is triggered. For the latter, a scarf in the colors of your brand can strengthen the feeling of belonging to the company. Your employees wear it with pride, gain visibility during the company event and strengthen their group cohesion with other employees wearing a similar scarf. A true fashion object, the scarf allows you to accessorize the outfits of staff, hosts and hostesses with elegance, thus giving the greatest possible number the image and seriousness of a company

The renewal of a contract

The loyalty of a customer must be rewarded! Today, competition is fierce in many areas of activity. So there is no question of taking your long-standing business relationships as definitely acquired. When a client renews their trust, it is important to show the importance that you bring to the relationship that unites you with him by offering him a quality business gift.

A prospecting campaign

Image gifts always touch prospects and make a positive impression on the mind. By offering a gift bearing your brand, you are sure to start a quality relationship with a future customer or supplier. With the silk scarf, you stand out significantly from your competitors who are content to offer classic goodies like a pen or a USB stick.

An anniversary date

These are key moments that your company has every interest in celebrating. In fact, they make it possible to strengthen relationships with its customers and employees. Among the most frequent anniversary dates, we can cite the following:

Date of creation of your business
Anniversary of the signing of a contract
Birthday of a collaborator or a client

How to choose your high-end business gifts from the range of Malfroy scarves?

Choosing a Malfroy scarf as a corporate gift allows you to benefit from the expertise of a French scarf manufacturer with know-how recognized for more than three generations. Maison Malfroy offers you very high quality products and a complete collection of luxury accessories: silks scarves, oblongs, ties, etc. Accustomed to collaborating with companies, we support you in your approach to allow you to find the business gift that will touch your customers and your employees. Our knowledge of companies allows us to offer you a tailor-made creation service. It is ideally suited to your search for an object that is both original and authentic. An update on the different possibilities available to companies wishing to have their business gifts made by Maison Malfroy:

Personalization of scarves from the Malfroy collections

Each year, Maison Malfroy creates two collections of scarves: the summer collection and the winter collection. Companies looking for an image gift can choose a model from this full range. We then take care of branding the chosen scarf on behalf of the company or community. For this, we use a signature frame. It allows the name or logo to be screen printed on the scarf.

Un foulard unique personnalisé de A à Z

Une approche de personnalisation plus approfondie peut également permettre de transformer le foulard en un produit unique, à l’image de l’entreprise. A l’écoute des entreprises et de leur histoire, la Maison Malfroy rassemble le maximum d’informations possibles sur les marques qu’elle doit mettre en valeur. De cette manière, nous pouvons optimiser le travail de personnalisation. Pour cette prestation, il peut notamment être question d’intégrer les éléments suivants sur le foulard :
Le logo de l’entreprise
Un symbole représentatif du domaine d’activité de l’entreprise
Un dessin illustrant l’histoire de la marque
Un motif emblématique de la société
Le slogan de l’entreprise

A unique personalized scarf from A to Z

A more personalized approach can also transform the scarf into a unique product, just like the company. Listening to companies and their history, Maison Malfroy gathers as much information as possible about the brands it needs to highlight. In this way, we can optimize the customization work. For this service, it may notably be a question of integrating the following elements on the scarf:

The company logo
A symbol representative of the company’s field of activity
A drawing illustrating the history of the brand
An emblematic motif of society
The company slogan

Based on the information rigorously collected, the stylists then transcribe the image of the company on the high-end support that the scarf represents. Throughout the creation process, we ask the company to validate the different stages and redirect the stylists’ approach if necessary. Everything for the latter is in perfect harmony with the image of the brand. Once the scarf model is finalized, a prototype is produced. The whole is therefore worked meticulously so that the business gift is refined and trendy. Thus, it is not reduced to a simple advertising accessory.

More than just a business gift for advertising, the Malfroy personalized scarf is a unique creation shaped to reflect a company. With this prestigious support, you are sure to convey your values ​​of excellence with elegance and refinement. The objective is then to promote your brand in an original way. This is an opportunity for your company to stand out from the competition in a significant way. Your name is now associated with a high-end accessory that combines quality, comfort and luxury. Whatever the client or collaborator profile concerned, you can easily find the model that corresponds to it. Whether a scarf, scarf or silk square, Maison Malfroy offers endless fashion accessories, always focusing on noble and quality materials. It’s up to you to choose the scarf, we take care of it! So, ready to create a unique business gift in the colors of your company?