22 March 2021

Business Gifts: Give a personalized scarf by Maison Malfroy

Do you have an important event to celebrate in your company ? Or simply want to offer an exceptional object to your important customers or your employees ?

The personalized scarf is a beautiful way to meet your desires

offrir des foulards

Why choose the scarf for your business gift ?

Beyond the business gift, the scarf is an exceptional accessory. At the same time object of style and tendency, the scarf makes it possible to transcribe the soul and the presence of your company.

Fashion accessory, the scarf is a timeless and high-end object that your employees and customers will keep for a long time. It takes again the graphic universe of your company and makes it possible to transmit your values.

At the same time image of your company and the quality of your being-know-how, the scarf allows you to communicate differently. The scarf is a way to stand out from traditional advertising objects. It’s also a way of proposing something new and artistic.


A high-end gift for your customers and employees


The business gift allows you to create a special relationship with your customers and employees. Thus, you thank them for their loyalty and the work done for your activity.

This is the symbol of trust and importance you place on your client or collaborator. The scarf is a chic idea that contrasts with other business gift offerings on the market.

By offering a personalized scarf by a renown French house, you propose an authentic gift.

It will enhance the quality of the relationship with your customers and employees. These are the values ​​of your company that you will share for all to see.

The Malfroy scarf is the solution for every occasion. To celebrate new customer collaboration, 10 years of your company or the retirement of an employee, the scarf is a memory that will keep years.

Chic and versatile, the scarf adapts to all budgets and styles. An original idea that will seduce the people to whom you will offer it.

A guarantee of quality, the Malfroy personalized scarf will be the privilege accessory that will distinguish your closest partners.

A personalized scarf with the colors of your company


Customizable at will, the Malfroy scarf puts the colors of your company for every occasion. Whether you prefer a rather classic visual with the logo of your company or a custom-made graphic design, Maison Malfroy accompanies you in your creation.

In their design office, the drawing stylists of Maison Malfroy are able to offer you original and unique creations, adapted to your needs.

Thanks to their mastery of the latest graphic design tools, their expertise adapts to different manufacturing techniques.

Whether you prefer weaving, traditional or digital printing, our experts will accompany you in your project to achieve excellence. The satisfaction of your customers and employees will be ensured. It is in this perspective that the style office offers you models and samples to better visualize your project.

Since 1939, Maison Malfroy has positioned itself among the great silk companies thanks to the execution excellence and the quality of its scarves. Expertise at the service of the biggest brands and the most demanding customers.

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