2 February 2021

With the scarves, make your museum a signature

At a time when tourists from France and elsewhere are always more likely to visit our country, museums are in first place to take advantage of it.

How does the Museum become a brand ?

The enthusiasm of visitors for culture and works of art is not weakening, as shown by the queues ever longer in front of the Louvre or the Musée d’Orsay, for example. These are must-see places to visit, within the walls of the museum as well as beyond the walls. The development of technologies and digitization have pushed museums out of the walls. Digital has made it possible to multiply the points of contact and the media available to the visitor. He then performs a complex customer journey through the website, social networks, before even set foot in the museum.

Visitor experience is at the heart of museums’ concerns. It encompasses all the feelings and emotions experienced by the visitor before, during and after their visit. To offer an optimal and global experience the museum must rethink its offer as a brand would.

le musée devient une signature

(Lyon Musee des Tissus Archive, Queen’s Paperback Print)

How to conclude the visitor experience on a good impression ?

Each visitor wants to take with him a souvenir of the visit and the feeling he has experienced in the museum, resulting in the immense success of museum shops. The experience extends far beyond the time spent in the enclosure. The museum marks the spirits with its own communication tools. Visitors come not only to see a work or an exhibition, but also the place, essential step for many visitors to Paris if we take the example of the Louvre.

The different ways to communicate for a museum

The museum occupies a special place in the hearts of visitors. We photograph ourselves in front of the entrance, we publish the most beautiful shots on social networks. But the experience also extends physically through the various communication tools available to museums. We think in particular of the inevitable postcards and pin’s shops. But the expectations of the visitors evolve and with them, the offer of the museums. We see arriving in the shops refined objects, which trace the lived emotion. Alongside beautiful books, jewelry or decorative objects, scarves have taken an important place on this new niche. To make the museum shine through trendy and exceptional objects is now essential.

The scarf, the good idea

More than an accessory, the scarf becomes the signature of museums. It brings this touch of chic à la française, so dear to the hearts of foreign visitors.

The silk scarf, iconic piece of fashion and symbol of French elegance, is now reinterpreted. La Maison Malfroy designs and realizes high-end and customizable pieces.

Inspired by the great works of art in your museum, the scarf comes to life to become a real iconic piece.

Malfroy scarves are then the unique and indispensable signature for museums. Created to measure and according to each wish, they make it possible to stand out. Master piece of the image that we want to transmit, the scarf represents the elegance and identity of the museum.

To learn more about the possibilities of reproductions of work of art on scarf, discover our page dedicated to the Museums.