28 February 2021

Museums: discover the artists on display by creating a personalized scarf

Exhibiting an artist in one’s museum is an artistic and cultural commitment that is often the result of many months of work.

The museum is committed to bringing the visitor a new look at the world, a new experience. It sometimes commits itself to another museum or an art lover who entrusts it with his collections

There is therefore a major challenge for the museum; its mission is to highlight the artist while respecting his work. It goes well beyond the work. The same goes for the derived products.

Give visibility to your artists

When an artist enters a museum, his works are truly staged. First, there is the choice of the environment, the decor, and then the adequate light. But today, technological evolutions make it possible to bring works out of museums.

The digitization of the works allows the multiplication of the supports. So to stand out, without distorting the original work, it will be necessary to choose noble materials and reliable reproduction techniques The digital printed scarf by Maison Malfroy is a quality support that meets these criteria, with no limit of color or format

Multiplying the media allows the democratization of art, and increases the public interest in museums. If the best-known works are often acclaimed, it can also be an opportunity to highlight less known works.

A memory full of emotions

A cultural immersion and an encounter with an artist extend beyond the museum. Indeed, the visitor’s experience is not limited to the time spent between its walls. It starts before the visit, when it reads the offer of the museum. It is obviously prolonged during this visit, which provokes in him feelings and continues afterwards with the souvenir object he will enjoy taking with him.

The scarf, object of luxury, elegant and easy to access, is vector of feelings felt in front of a work. The acquisition of this personalized scarf allows the visitor to realize a memory full of emotions

Make your museum unforgettable, create your custom scarf

The personalized scarf is an exceptional object, unique, sometimes made in limited quantities to make it even more remarkable. It is the ideal object to draw attention to a temporary exhibition for example.

Small scale production can make it possible to adapt your offer to the seasonality of your exhibitions.

The scarf then becomes a rare object, proposed in a time, even a limited place that one wishes to appropriate before it is too late.Presenting it in the museum’s shop widens the space dedicated to the exhibition and reinforces its communication.

The scarf becomes the added value to the items offered in the shop and represents a beautiful tribute to the artist.

By choosing to affix the Maison Malfroy label on this unique and personalized scarf, the museum shows the qualitative and artistic commitment it has made to both the artist and the visitor.

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