Malfroy, scarf and fabric manufacturer for your projects

Maison Malfroy is aimed at all companies wishing to incorporate scarves, stoles, ties, and fabrics into their collections.
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What is your project ?

We are designer-manufacturer of silk scarves, and fabrics.
Depending on your project, we offer several ways to work together.

Artists, Museums, Ready-to-wear companies and designers

Reproduction of your work


We make scarves and fabrics by the meter from your original creations. A new artistic approach to your work on a high-end material, made in France !

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Institutions and associations

Customizing our scarves


Changes in color, material or size to coordinate with your collections. From our high-end scarves and fabric collections, we propose to make small changes in color, material or size to coordinate with your collections.

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Companies, advertising agencies

Business gift


Transcribe the whole singularity of your business through a high-end business gift : the scarf. A true fashion accessory, offering an artistic reflection around the visual universe of your company or your brand.

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Events, hotels and transportation companies

Accessories for corporate clothing


Bring the ultimate touch of elegance and professionalism to your corporate outfits ! Malfroy scarf is a premium accessory that complements your line of professional clothing.

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Shops, distributors and advertising agencies

Become a reseller or commercial agent


Present our scarves or fabrics in your shop or to your customers. We put at your disposal two collections a year as well as a range of services to accompany you in your resale.

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Modern creator of excellent silk

Since 1939

Malfroy creates and makes scarfs in its cradle Lyonnais, heir of centuries of silk. Our stylists draw from the immense variety of materials, techniques and from technologies of manufacturing and embellishment.

Noble materials

Since the beginning, Maison Malfroy has affirmed its high-end positioning by the use of noble materials such as silk and ever more efficient technologies that respect the environment.


From the design office to the making of scarves, ties and other silks, until the embellishment of fabrics … 2 key-words accompany all our processes: Reactivity and Flexibility.

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