Winter scarves for women

The perfect harmony between warmth and delicacy

This winter we are looking for cosy softness and warmth.

The primary materials are silk, wool, cashmere or wool and silk blends for you to enjoy.

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carré de soie lyon

The stole takes precedence

We love stoles in a cashmere veil, both light and generous, in silk muslin with printed satin strips and jacquard with reversible patterns.

Etole soie alain thomas


Collars are an elegant way to keep warm, simply over a jumper or dress, or over a jacket or coat.

col malfroy


In silk, wool, or silk-wool, printed or woven, we wear them wrapped around our neck or folded as a triangle.

chale laine et soie malfroy

The 2019-20 Winter Women's Scarves collection !

etole malfroy
chale en laine et soie malfroy
etole malfroy
ceinture en cuir

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