Winter scarves for men

The perfect harmony between warmth and delicacy

Men look for comfort and warmth too, without necessarily keeping to traditions. That’s why our collection has natural materials like wool or wool and silk blends.

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30387 Carré Twill 90x90cm Tarot de Marseille Var 5 Kaki

Lightweight & Comfort

For men, stoles also take precedence. They enjoy their volume and light weight in plain shades or fine woven patterns.

The softness of worsted wool and the sobriety of matching tones give our scarves a cosy feel.


30505 Echarpe en laine et soie imprimé Impact VAR 1 Marine tabac

The 2023/24 Winter Men's Scarves collection !

30547 Petit Carré Laine et Soie 73x73cm Toile de Jouy et Rayures Var 2 Jeans
30506 Echarpe en laine et soie imprimé Absolu VAR 1 Bleu rouge
30533 Petit Carré Twill 100% Soie Géométrie Col 3 Potiron Jeans
30531 Châle Laine et Soie 120x120cm La Forêt Var 4 Bleu