12 June 2021

Three Reasons to Choose the Outlet instead of bargain sales

Maison Malfroy is based on mainly human values. We care about the well-being of our employees and our greatest reward is the happiness of our customers. This is why we want to highlight the “Outlet” section that you can find on our e-shop.


Thanks to the Outlet, find  precious prices all year round. One of the three reasons to favor the Outlet to the Sales

Commitments :

The reason to offer an Outlet is based on our values ​​and allows us to highlight three principles that are dear to us.

Our product retains all its meaning :

The sales encourage consumers to consume more than they should be and to no longer appreciate a piece at its fair price. However, the silk scarf represents a unique and emblematic accessory, carrying values. Corresponding to our personality, it accompanies us during significant periods of our lives. This is where the principle of our Outlet comes in, it takes up the tradition of sales by allowing the end of series to be sold. But then, what difference ? The Outlet is accessible throughout the year, and allows you to find models from our previous collections. The quantities are, however, very limited because we practice a reasoned production policy. For the sake of honesty and economy of resources, these stocks are not renewed. Join us in this eco-responsible approach, no longer think of sales but Outlet !


We guarantee optimal quality :

Maison Malfroy strongly opposes the production of collections dedicated solely to sales. Our attention is focused on every detail reflecting our passion as well as our French and traditional know-how. In this way, our two annual collections are designed and developed within our premises. Then these are carefully made in the best possible conditions. Indeed, we select our partners on the shutter in order to always be able to offer you the most demanding quality. Since we are a family, we must offer you the quintessence of silk.


We favor the quality / price ratio throughout the year :

Our commitment to quality involves noble materials and premium finishing in order to produce high-end silk scarves. Our employees each have invaluable know-how and great expertise in silk. We thank them for this by offering them the most beautiful human adventure possible within Malfroy and Million. We refuse to inflate the value of our products for the sole purpose of selling them later at a lower cost. Maison Malfroy therefore returns to its first principles : honesty and trust.



How to guarantee optimal know-how on all our products? By favoring the Outlet to the Sales !

Much more than a trend, the principle of the Outlet is a way of fighting waste and making everyone benefit from its collections. Maison Malfroy encourages you to favor this more equitable process by discovering today the treasures that our Outlet has in store for you.