30 April 2021

The properties of noble materials

Maison Malfroy is very attentive to the property of the materials composing its products. The noble materials have the distinction of being derived from natural fibers, animal and vegetable. Conversely, synthetic materials are most often of petroleum origin. What if we appreciate Malfroy’s favorite materials for their virtues ?

Malfroy makes fabrics containing materials with many properties

Silk :

Originally, Malfroy and Million is a house of silk since 1939. Benefiting from all the possible expertise on this matter, it remained the specialty of the house. Malfroy scarves are mainly made with this material. Prestigious material, light, soft and naturally shinny, it is synonymous with “Luxury”. With its visual and tactile aspect, it offers various other properties such as thermoregulation or its hypoallergenic virtue.

Cashmere :

Essential fabric of winter, cashmere guarantees warmth and lightness. Derived from the down protection of the cashmere goat, it guarantees a soft and silky touch. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is a thermoregulatory matter. Its degree of insulation against the cold depends on the number of threads with which it has been woven. In this way, it can be worn in both winter and spring-summer.

Wool :

The wool is no longer a textile to present. Nevertheless, many variants can be counted such as alpaca or merino wool. Traditional wool is derived from sheep. Gentle and protecting the skin, it offers other benefits such as its impermeability, its resistance or its absorbing virtues. Like cashmere, it is an insulating material to keep the heat in winter and expel in summer.

Linen :

Completely vegetal, Linen is the result of the extraction of the stem of the flax plant. Biodegradable, it is strong and absorbent. Flagship material of the summer for the conservation of its freshness, it is adapted to the sensitive skins and allows a cutaneous breathing.

 Cotton :

Coming from the cotton shrub, cotton is a plant material forming a velvety little down. Its origin explains to perfection the reason for its extreme sweetness. Added to this is its hypoallergenic  and absorbent properties, letting the skin breathe. Finally, it is to this day, the most widespread textile


Materials with many properties are mostly Malfroy fabrics.

 Malfroy is committed to using high quality materials, so a reminder of the properties of each of these noble materials seems essential. To know more in detail our know-how, we invite you to consult our website.