15 July 2021

The birth of a collection: Immersion in the style office

Maison Malfroy is renowned for the quality of its scarves, but also for its designs that are both authentic and creative. But then, how is a collection with breathtaking illustrations born? Cécile and Axelle, our textiles designers and great sitters of our style office, bring you answers.

Questions to … Cécile

Cécile, textile designer at Malfroy, immerses you in the behind the scenes of the creation of a collection.

How would you define the stylistic universe of Malfroy ?

A colorful universe… We always try to make our Scarves or Fabrics collections colorful, beautiful, shimmering. We must not forget that a scarf is like a jewel. It must dress us, make us up …

How is a typical day ?

No typical day. This is the richness of this profession, each working day can be different: studying a model, creating a scarf, cutting and checking fabrics, making a flyer, thinking about the catalog …



How does the process of creating a collection take place ?


Personnellement, je suis à l’affût chaque jour d’une amorce, d’une couleur. Je suis sensible à la mise en lumière d’un artiste, d’une photo. Je scrute tous les messages, les réseaux sociaux, les photos qu’elles soient amateurs ou pas. Une façon de porter un foulard, un vêtement… Je mixe toutes ces inspirations.

The process of creating a collection of scarves is as follows :

With our style office, we analyzed trends in style offices, feedback from our customers and our sales staff. Then, from these analyzes, we choose the themes that we want to work on, draw. We create moodboards to present them to the team. So, we discuss it and then make common choices, themes and subjects to develop according to the seasons…

Then we get to work. Each designer takes a theme he likes and declines it in format, materials and colors. It’s one of the nicest moments for me !


How do you describe this collection ?

Each collection is a challenge.

This 2020 summer collection is colorful, fruity with influences from travel, paintings …

A taste of the summer 2020 collection whose birth took place in our style office.


How do you know about future trends ?

The style office participates in trend meetings that have deciphered all the international markets, from the fashion world to the arts, and carried out a sociological analysis of consumers. These meetings are chaired by the agency Nelly Rodi but also by Anna Franquesa.

We also have a daily watch on exhibitions, street looks, Haute Couture, illustrators and the thread of life. I am particularly sensitive to all this decryption, it stimulates our own interpretation.


What are you currently working on ?

We are in the middle of the Summer 21 Scarves collection and are starting to build the Winter 21/22 collection.

We are also preparing the next fairs like Première Vision where we present the Summer 21 fabrics collections.

Your favorite piece from the Spring / Summer 2020 collection ?

The Lady with Flowers.

It is a large silk pongee scarf, with magnificent colors, after the painting by the illustrator Orane Sigal. I love it !

Looking forward to this summer to wear it in sarong or turban !

One last word ?

One last word ! Surprise!


Axelle brings us answers on the birth of a collection in the style office of the house Malfroy.

Questions to … Axelle

Your favorite piece from the Collection ?

I love the “La Piscine” bandana made in collaboration with the artist Orane Sigal. The patterns and colors are beautiful and I like the slightly mischievous subject.

For you, what does the Scarf represent ?

The scarf is a fun accessory. Everyone wears it and appropriates it in a different way. Worn as a belt, in the hair or on a bag, you can have fun diverting it according to your mood and outfit.

What are your favorite steps in the creation process ?

I particularly like the step of drawing the pattern. Appropriate the trends and offer my own graphic interpretation.


What is it absolutely necessary to wear this summer ?

The important thing is to have fun and feel comfortable with what you are wearing. Proudly display what represents you and makes you happy !

Your best achievement ?

The shawl “Figures” which brings together sketches of faces. The large format of the shawl and the shine and lightness of the pongee highlight the lines and colors of the design.

How does your personality translate into your creations ?

I have always loved colors, which is why I love offering rich and happy colors. It is also a way to highlight the know-how of the house Malfroy which perfectly masters the process of printing on silk and transcribes at best the living and bright colors.

To admire their creativity and their achievements, do not hesitate to visit our e-shop. The entire summer 2020 collection is available.