9 January 2020

Malfroy’s Best Wishes

January 1, 2020 – Midnight


The bells are ringing. The year 2019 is evaporating in the sphere of memories. Time continues to run, giving the illusion of being a mirage. The lived experiences herald the values of 2020, illuminating our faces with a smile.


Maison Malfroy sends its best wishes for the coming year..

Maison Malfroy would like to extend its best wishes for the coming year. May a huge success crown all your projects. Our greatest hope is your success. We also want your will to take you to new heights.

Since personal development leads to happiness, may this year bring you the ingredients to feel whole and caress the stars.

Thank you for the past ten years for making us meet people to love, cherish and fulfill. Let us hope together that this priceless treasure lasts as long as possible. Let us allow ourselves to feel the enchantment of lightness and joy.

Let us welcome this new decade as it should be and delicately wrap 2019 in silk sheets.


Maison Malfroy readily lends itself to the ancestral tradition of sharing wishes.

For centuries, it has been customary for everyone to visit their loved ones during the first half of January, defying obstacles for the sole purpose of bringing happiness to them in their achievements.

From 1930, letter paper and greeting cards became a tradition, leaving a trace of the attention paid.

We all carry this tradition in our hearts, inciting us to leave our comfort zone during each new year, with the aim of exploring new horizons.

The Malfroy team wishes you a Happy New Year 2020 and best wishes for happiness.

Each member of our team wishes to send you his wishes in person. You will therefore find us throughout the month of January in our Instagram and Facebook stories. We thank you for your loyalty, and see you soon.