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Reproductions of your creations

Exceptional products

Artists, painters, photographers or designers, our teams produce scarves and fabrics by the metre using your original creations. A new artistic approach to your creations on a high-quality product made in France !

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Renowned expertise

We have been sharing our technical knowledge in weaving, dyeing and printing to transform your creations into exclusive collections or limited editions since 1939.

Continued assistance

As project managers throughout the production process, we offer advice on the choice of materials, sizes and manufacturing techniques, from prototype to finished product delivery.


BILGER collection


Christian Bilger is a painter from Mulhouse with whom we worked on our autumn-winter 2016-2017 collection. It was when visiting a friend in Alsace that we were introduced.
His paintings were so vibrant that we immediately asked him to create a collection of scarves. His paintings, inspired by nature and evoking a modern fantasy world, stirred our emotions.
Each painting reflects the expression of a unique, immediate state of mind, and all of his work is intimately related to the artist’s particular background.
“If we could define the sum of our knowledge by becoming aware of what we do not know, we could still humbly learn.”
“I paint to reveal myself and lift the veil...”

They collaborated with us

Thanh Thuy


Painter Thanh Thuy created 11 paintings for our summer 2016 scarf collection.

Jean René Deleforterie


Photographer Jean René Deleforterie from New Caledonia chose us to create his scarf collection using his underwater photos.

Alain Godon


French painter and sculptor Alain Godon chose us to create his scarf from his piece entitled “Guliverian”.

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